Letter: Work together to protect vulnerable

I am 82 years old and, in today’s scary world, I am a member of a population known as “vulnerable with underlying health conditions.” Although some people feel that we should “just stay home,” you will still see us in the aisles at the grocery stores, sitting in appropriately-spaced chairs in the doctor’s offices and in line at the pharmacy picking up needed prescriptions.

When you do see us, we hope that you will think, just for a moment, what it must feel like to realize that the breath we are taking might be the cause of a life-threatening situation. Secondly, we ask that you exercise the personal responsibility that governmental leaders at all levels are recommending. Please just step back a few feet and consider wearing a mask in the future if you don’t already do so.

If we approach the virus with the attitude that we are all in this together, as we are reminded daily, maybe we can survive it together as well.

Lowell Jensen, Bismarck