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Letter to the Editor: Holding back the flood and keeping campuses open

Written By: Mark Hagerott, Doug Jensen, Jerry Migler, Stephen Easton, Doug Darling, Brian Van Horn, Steven Shirley, John Richman, Dean Bresciani, Andrew Armacost, Alan LaFave and John Miller COVID-19 is a pandemic, and a pandemic only ends when in combination with natural immunities, vaccines or effective treatments are developed, collectively leading to the threat being […]

Q: Where can I find information about the City of Bismarck’s Pandemic Mitigation Strategy?

  A: Information about the strategy is located at http://www.bismarcknd.gov/BismarckStrong. This page contains a variety of resources for multiple community audiences including the full Pandemic Mitigation Strategy document, a strategy highlights document, signage for businesses and an online occupant load calculator. More content is expected to be added to the page, too, so check back […]

How is COVID-19 going to effect Halloween this year?

A: Halloween may look a little different this year, but it doesn’t have to be drastically so for trick or treaters. They are still able to The CDC suggests the following five ways to make trick or treating safer: Avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters. Give out treats outdoors, if possible. Set up a station with […]

I beat COVID-19. How can I help someone else win the fight?

If you recovered from COVID-19, it means your immune system fought and won. That’s good news! It also means you have antibodies that could help others fight it off, too. That’s great news! “There have already been a few cases in North Dakota where convalescent plasma treatment has proven beneficial for patients infected with COVID-19. […]

Letter to Bismarck-Mandan Residents

To the Residents of Bismarck-Mandan: For the past several months, we’ve all watched as COVID-19 spread throughout our community, leaving impacts both big and small. However, it’s only recently that those effects have become more severe, as the virus rapidly spreads in the community. And now, we need to respond. There are countless ideas as […]